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Crystal Moon 06-19-2008 09:27 PM

Hello from Fairfax VA
Up front - I'm a Smart hopeful and have a reservation in for a Smart car. My delivery estimation date is July-September 2009.

I actually found this site from the smartinsider site that had a forum discussion Smart Car vs. Toyota IQ. I looked at the IQ and it meets my "cute as well" criteria. :-* The best thing I like about it in comparison to the Smart is that the IQ has seating for more than 2. What would make me cancel my reservation for the Smart car? 1) Will the IQ make the top five greenest cars list? 2) Will the price be comparable to the Smart? 3) Will the safety be comparable with the Smart? and 4) Will I be able to get one before my Smart gets here?

Toyota - you have about 14 months. Take this as an offical I'm on list to buy one if you can pull it off. :)

shelly_d 07-02-2008 12:31 PM

Re: Hello from Fairfax VA
I am with you! Toyota....I hope you are reading this!......I am on the buy list as well.....if the IQ makes it to the States before my smart car does, IQ wins! I love this car! my smart also, but can only afford one car! ;D

jonathan75 07-22-2008 01:04 PM

Re: Hello from Fairfax VA
I think I will wait for the iQ. We are talking about Toyota here. I did like the smart until I found out about the iQ then I lost interest fast. I have had a Corolla since 1999 and the only thing it has asked for was new tires and oil. And a Camry since 2005 and it requested the same. I feel the quality of the Toyota iQ will be better then the smart fortwo. Plus you most likely will be able to get cruise control and a service manual which I heard you can't get for the smart. And room for more then two people is great!


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