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Default Developing a cruise control... can you answer a few questions for me?

Hi folks. I googled "Scion IQ forum" and this was the one that stood out, so I thought I'd start here.

First off, I am not an IQ owner. I'm not even sure if they're available here yet (Canada). I saw an ad for one for the first time today, and I noted how similar it looked to my Smart Fortwo. I was intrigued so I started looking at the specifications and noticed that the IQ, just like the smart, failed to come with any form of cruise control either standard or as an option.

My company, SmartieParts, co-developed an aftermarket cruise control for the smart car that was very well received. Many people have stated its one of the best cruise controls they've ever used in any car. We made a few minor design mistakes, but considering it was my companies first major electronic automotive system, it was, by all measures, a success. I always wondered if another car would come out without cruise, where we could apply that gained expertise. Perhaps the IQ is it? I don't know.

Some technical considerations exist. Does anyone know (beyond guessing) the answer to these questions:

1) Is it drive-by-wire? For those that don't know, that means that the accelerator pedal is NOT physically connected to the fuel/engine systems, but rather its just a specialized potentiometer that feeds electrical signals to the car's computer. You can quickly identify this if there's nothing more than an electrical plug going to the pedal.

2) Is the pedal easily removed? For the smart, one simply removed 4 bolts and the plug and that was it.

3) I'm sure the answer to this is "yes" given 2008 changes to US automotive regulations... is there a standard OBD port in the driver cockpit and does anyone know if it is CANBUS (again, I believe all 2008 and newer vehicles are required to use CANBUS so if you don't know... don't worry about it).

4) Is there interest?!?! For the smart car, smart/Mercedes made the mistake of assuming that people would only ever drive their smarts in the city and never on longer routes. They were wrong. Smart car owners are rabid fans of their cars and utilize them in every situation a "normal" car would be. I suspect IQ owners will be the same way. Or maybe Toyota is right in leaving cruise off the feature/options list?

Cool car however you slice it!

- Steven
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