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Hey all. I have been (not so) patiently waiting for the iQ to come to the US and need some reminders on something. As I have mentioned before, I had had a smart reservation that I had let go of in hopes of the iQ coming. I had fully informed my family about the smart for a good while before learning of the iQ and deciding to hold out for that for now anyway. I was talking about how great it will be to have the iQ and the topic of safety came up as always. I listed the safety ratings/crash test results and all that good stuff, but then one of my kinfolk brought up the tridion of the smart. It seems that I had convinced them of the smarts safety because of the metal tridion. They were like "will the iQ have any stronger metal then the usual Toyotas?" I know the crash tests have been great but perhaps due to all the airbags. I would love to hear something about a stronger metal or something like smart has. Wishful thinking?

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