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Default Re: Is it ever gonna come to US?

I know! Right? I decided if I don't hear anything by the time the 2010 Smarts come out (like November/December),
I am getting one of those. The official word I have heard is that they are testing the response from the US and will give word around December 2009. My thought is that if they are still deciding up until December 09 then when would they start production? I know there are modifications to be made too. If it was AVAILABLE December 09, that is one thing but my currently vehicle is elderly and I can't wait years more. Already been waiting one year. I also keep hearing the Scion is saying the iQ won't be the least expensive car on their line up. This concerns me. Sorry for the downer of a reply, but I am frustrated with not hearing anything too.

My info is from this article:

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