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Default Re: What do you like the least or don't you like about the iQ?

It is great to hear from someone who has both the smart and the iQ.
I appreciate your experience. I am surprised that your 2 yrs olds car seat and them doesn't fit. That really is a short space!

Good to know. I have heard others say that cargo slides around when the seats are flat. I bought a few rubber made type boxes to keep in the back of whichever vehicle I purchase which will take care of prying eyes and flying objects and also keep things from melting (though this boxes may melt) in the Florida sun down here.

Has the iQ being released where you are brought down smart sales? I am afraid that iQ will make smart pull from US down the road and I am worried about not being able to get parts for the smart if I go with it. Of course that would depend on their price being comparable. If the iQ is priced much higher, then smart might be safe. Just pondering...

Best wishes.

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