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Default Is it ever gonna come to US?

Hi you all. I hear what the member said that they might be holding off announcing iQ waiting for Prius sales and such, but I am wondering if maybe they just aren't going to bring the iQ here at all. Maybe only the EV (electric in the iQ body) in 2012. They have announced that. I called a Toyota dealership where the manager said the smart was too small to be safe & I laughed and told her she needs to come up with a better sales pitch since iQ is the same sized body within a foot and has 5 stars safety. It turns out they really don't know anything about the iQ and were trying to encourage me to get a "larger than smart" Yaris. The nice woman was a good sport and listened to my information and said that she was definitely gonna check out the iQ now. I know I am obsessive, but literally this is the 3rd Toyota or Scion manager at different locations that haven't really heard of the iQ, nevertheless when it will come here. I am wondering if only the EV will come after all (& in a few years from now).

I don't know anything... Just saying...

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