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SWATT 04-27-2008 11:37 PM

iQ in Europe car show AND coming to Australia
Hot Off the Australian Toyota Media Portal:
14 February 2008


World premiere of Toyota's revolutionary new iQ urban car
European premiere of Toyota's new small SUV, the Urban Cruiser

Toyota is thinking big by creating a new generation of small vehicles designed to address the demands of modern motoring and the preferences of today's drivers.

Two new Toyota models will take centre stage at next month's Geneva Motor Show, iQ and Urban Cruiser.

Toyota iQ

Toyota will unveil the production design of its all-new small car - Toyota iQ.

First shown as the Concept Car iQ at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show, iQ will go into production during late 2008.

iQ represents a break-through in compact urban transportation.

Although measuring less than three metres long, this compact urban vehicle can carry three people in comfort, with room to spare to accommodate a child or luggage.

The spaciousness of iQ is a result of its ingenious packaging, which was created by six space-saving but inter-linked engineering innovations that represent a revolution in Toyota's automotive vehicle development.

Infused with Japanese design elements, iQ is a radical change in vehicle design as well as environmentally friendly transportation - and away from the belief that small cars are basic and less safe.

Compact but not compromised
Intelligent use of space
Versatile 3+1 seating

Fascinating blend of form and function
Full safety features
The iQ concept sets out to be, and succeeds, as the world's smallest premium four-seat passenger concept car. At less than three metres long (2980mm), it is 425mm shorter than the Toyota Aygo and more than 770mm shorter than the Toyota Yaris.

Yet, in width and height (1680 x 1480mm) it is comparable to Yaris - so the ultra compact exterior dimensions hide a big interior heart.

At the same time, the iQ concept is versatile and practical. It will seat four with space for three adults and a child - or the fourth seat can be utilised for luggage space.

To achieve this, a radical and intelligent 3+1 seating concept has been applied. With a dashboard that swoops away from the front passenger, this seat has been given extra freedom of movement.

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